NEW  !!! Ninja JX21-B04
New Ninja JX21-B04 engine available NOW by mugenseiki ! Mugen Seiki presents the all new JX-21-B04 engine. The Ninja JX21B04 was designed and developed for maximum performance and reliability for 1/8th off-road buggy, truck, and GT racing.  The innovative JX21-B04 engine includes the 22C carburetor with 6.5mm reducer. The 22C carburetor provides smoother easy to drive power and increased fuel efficiency.  The B04 comes with a steel rear bearing to reduce the cost, but without reducing performance. The steel rear bearing will provide a smoother more reliable idle.  The lightweight cooling head provides exceptional cooling and stable operating temperatures. The Ninja JX21B04 is manufactured in Japan by a leading maker of model engines.   A serious plus for the overall performance
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